Caulking Rejuvenation In Mississauga

Overtime caulking around the tub can get moldy, dirty and displeasing to eyes. If not taken care of in time, this can lead to health hazards. Mold can also spread into tiles grout making your bathtub and surround area look very displeasing. Our Calking Rejuvenation service includes removal of all ugly and mold infected caulking. The we lightly sand the area to make sure no silicon residue is left behind. Then we wash the caulking area with commercial cleaner before we apply new shiny caulking to give a new look to your baththroom. 

Benefits of Caulking Rejuvenation

  • Quick and easy way to give your Bathroom a new look
  • Cost Effective preventive maintenance
  • Neat and clean look of your bathtub and surround
  • No obligation free quote
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