Regrouting/Grout Filling & Cleaning in Mississauga

Grout between the tiles may get missing over time. Our grout filling process first identifies the areas where grout is missing or loose, then we remove the reaming loose grout with special tools and re-grout the effected area. This process works as preventive maintenance as missing grout can cause bulging, even falling tiles. Not taking care of missing grout may lead to retiling the entire washroom, costing owner hundreds of dollars and aggravation of construction mess.   

Grout lines may also get mold or mildew over time, which can cause health issues and a definite eyesore. Our grout cleaning process removes the mold and mildew as well as cleans the grout lines giving your bathroom a fresh look which you will proud of. 

Benefits of Grout Filling & Cleaning

  • Cost Effective as compare to replacing the he tiles
  • No or little disruption as compare to replacing or reglazing
  • Your Bathroom will be ready to be used in just few hours
  • Free no obligation quote
  • Save the environment by grout filling and cleaning your existing tiles
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