STEP 1 – Why Tubs should be Reglazed
Bathtubs absorb soap, body oils and cleaners over time which results in mold, chips, rust pinholes and visible metal areas. Tub Reglazing can fix all these problems without replacing the original tub. Reglazing not only saves time but also saves money and environment by recusing the existing tub instead of replacing it.

STEP 2 – Trim Caulking
First we remove the existing caulking, this helps to eliminate any mold on existing caulking. Removing existing caulking and re-caulking also allows giving reglazed tub a new look.

STEP 3 – Clean the surface
Next step to clean the surface thoroughly. We use industrial detergents to remove grease, soaps and any other contaminants. This cleaning helps our glazing material to stick to tub surface instead of sticking to existing contamination.

STEP 4 – Surface Etching if needed
If tub surface is peeling off or it is already glazed we use special etch to remove current coating. This allows new glaze to stick on the tub surface and last longer.

STEP 5 – Sanding
After required clean up sanding process starts, we sand entire tub to even the surface and make it more receptive then our special glaze is applied

STEP 6 – Chip Repair
After cleaning and etching we repair any existing chips and cracks. We sand and let the repaired dry before we move on to the next step

STEP 7 – Masking
Our next step is masking, before we start spraying, we mask the entire area around the tub, We also cover the mirror, vanity and washroom cabinets, masking protects all these areas from overspray

STEP 8 – Spraying Bonding Agent
After masking we apply an epoxy all over the tub surface. This make tub surface adhesive which helps our Acrylic coating to bond better on the tub.

STEP 9 – Spraying the Coating
After spraying the adhesive agent we spray multiple coats of our Acrylic coating. We use HVLP spray system for a uniform, smooth and glossy finish.

STEP 10 – Removing the Making and Recaulking
Once we done the number of coats your tub needs we remove masking and recaulk the tub, this give the Finishing Touch to the whole process.

Step 11 –  There is no Step 11 – Your washroom is ready to use
After we leave, your washroom is ready to be used in 24 hours. Your washroom will have a whole new look. Your old tub with chips, scratches and rust have been replace with a new looking shining bathtub that is easy to clean and capable of lasing for many years at a fraction of the cost of total replacement. Please refer to after care instruction which we have left to clean the tub so it can last for many years to come.